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Understanding and identifying black holes
Physicists have predicted that at the Big Bang, black holes with sizes from 10^-5 grams up to perhaps solar mass size might have been formed. Use the above formulae to predict the mass range of the black holes would have lasted as long as the present age of the universe, between 9 billion to 15 billion years, and which should just now be evaporating completely away. Predict what the final few thou
Difficulty: High school
Viewing Sunspots
View sunspots through a telescope or 'pinhole' camera.
Difficulty: Middle school
What is parallax and how can it be used to measure the distanc of objects?
Parallax is not only used by astronomers to determine the distance of many stars, and other heavenly objects, but is also one of the ways humans use to determine the distance of nearby objects. This activity is designed to give students a better understanding of what parallax is, and to gain some experience in using it. We would already have talked about parallax in class, and seen some simple exa
Difficulty: High school
What makes stars twinkle?
Have you ever wondered what makes a star twinkle? On the next clear night look at a bright star. How many blinks does it make in 10 seconds? Look at the moon, an airplane or a bright planet at night. Do these objects twinkle?
Difficulty: Elementary school
What sort of fabric would best keep an astronaut warm?
My hypothesis is that spacesuit prototype #3 will be the prototype that will conserve more heat than prototypes #1 and #2. Prototype #3 has 6 layers. It has foam, fleece, and camouflage for warmth. #2 has 5 layers. It has foam and camouflage for warmth. #1 has 7 layers. It has fleece, Aluminized Mylar, and camouflage for warmth.
Difficulty: Elementary school
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