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Crosswinds and bridge stability
This science fair project attempts to investigate how bridges are affected by crosswinds. The experiment was performed using model bridges with open sides, bridges with 50% side-coverage and 100% side-coverage.
Difficulty: Middle school
Demonstrate how the light from a Light Emitting Diode can be modulated by using sound
This project can amplitude modulate the light being emitted from an LED using the 8 ohm earphone output from a small radio or amplifier. For demonstrating, it is very convenient to use a small radio to supply the audio signal.
Difficulty: High school
Demonstrate the strength of a suspension bridge using egg shells
Ever wonder why igloos are dome shaped and not square? Ever been amazed at how a suspension bridge can hold the weight of hundreds of passing cars with little or no apparent support underneath it? This experiment demonstrates how arches are used in architecture not only for aesthetic appeal but for a very useful and needed purpose...
Difficulty: Elementary school
Do polymer paintwork protectants really work?
Using polymer sealants will help a car’s paintwork last longer by providing a protective layer over the paint, preventing damage by various contaminating substances such acid rain.
Difficulty: Middle school
Do sound barriers reduce noise? If so, what types of barrier is most effective?
The purpose of this experiment was to determine if a sound barrier does reduce noise, and which type of barrier is the most effective in reducing highway traffic noise.
Difficulty: Middle school
Does the particle size of sand used to make bricks matter?
The purpose of this experiment was to determine which size of the sand particles used to make bricks would be the strongest.
Difficulty: Elementary school
Fog lights and distance estimation
This experiment was done to investigate the effectiveness of using 1 rear fog light on the rear of a vehicle to assist in the estimation of distance, compared with 2 rear fog lights and and no fog lights at all.
Difficulty: High school
How can you build a toy car using mousetraps?
Here's some general ideas and also some web sites to help you with ideas. These projects are really fun and easy! And you'll be amazed at the different types of cars you can build or buy out there!
Difficulty: Elementary school
How does the air pressure in a football helmet affect cushioning?
The purpose of this experiment is to find out the use of air pressure in the padding of the helmet and how different amounts of air pressure would affect its wearer. American football is a very physical sport which involves body to body contact and human to human collision. In order to protect the player’s body from being injured, various safety features are implied onto the player’s attire. The a
Difficulty: Middle school
How glass shatters
This science fair project was conducted to observe if temperature affects how glass shatters. The science project experiment involved bringing the glass to the following temperatures - 0 degrees Celcius, 24 degrees Celcius, 50 degrees Celcius, 75 degrees Celcius and 100 degrees Celcius.
Difficulty: High school
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