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This animated site illustrates and explains the Doppler effect.
Difficulty: High school
You can measure the speed of sound the same way you measure the speed of a runner, with a stopwatch on a closed track.
Difficulty: High school
The purpose of this project is to find out the amount of loss in frequency and amplitude of an audio signal, if any, results when the audio signal is transmitted through a fiber optic cable at different degrees of bend diameter. I believe that the audio signal will lose frequency and amplitude when transmitted through fiber optic cable with a smaller degree of bend diameter.
Difficulty: High school
The students will demonstrate the ability to investigate what air is like and where it is found. The children will sense that air is real by capturing it, squeezing it, carrying it, and feeling its weight.
Difficulty: Elementary school
Satellites are used to monitor the condition of the earth's surface over large areas in a short time period. Images from satellites have been used to determine changes in global vegetation patterns, monitor the health of agricultural crops, and measure the amount of evaporation from the earth's surface. The pictures from satellites are not taken with a traditional camera that requires film. Instea
Difficulty: High school
Much of the universe is undetectable to our five senses, and one of these "phantom phenomena" is light. Our eyes are only able to detect a small segment of the total light spectrum that is produced by the sun. Ultraviolet light is one of many parts of the light spectrum that eludes us. In this science project, you will develop a presentation to show what flowers looks like under ultra violet light
Einstein theorized that time is relative, that time and space is not separate but part of a continuum. Though Einstein?s theories of time may not be experienced by us on a daily basis, we are able to experience variations in how we process time with our minds. Most of us have experienced on a personal level how "time flies you are having fun", or how time seems to drag when we are bored or waiting
Did you know that sound is produced by vibrations? Have you ever hit a drum? When you strike a drum, you will cause the drum skin to vibrate very quickly. This "pushes" the air around the drum, producing sound that reaches our ears. Can you think of other things that produce sound? Today, we are going to make our own music with water and a glass. At first glance this doesn't seem possible. How can
This experiment involves the observations of different shaped drops of liquids of varying viscosities. The purpose is to observe and compare these different forms. The hypothesis is that the liquids with the higher viscosities will form longer necks on their drops than the liquids with lower viscosities.
Difficulty: Middle school
Today’s low-loss glass fiber optic cable offers almost unlimited bandwidth and unique advantages over all previously developed transmission media. The basic point-to-point fiber optic transmission system consists of three basic elements: the optical transmitter, the fiber optic cable and the optical receiver.
Difficulty: High school
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