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What color can be seen most clearly through a fog?
We wanted to find out what color light would shine the brightest through fog. Our hypothesis is that the yellow light will shine the brightest through the liquid because yellow light has the longest wave lengths.
Difficulty: Middle school
What exactly is a nuclear reaction? Can you demonstrate this with simple materials?
In a nuclear fission reaction in a nuclear power plant, the radioactive element Uranium-235 is used in a chain reaction. This simple experiment demonstrates what happens in a nuclear reaction.
Difficulty: Elementary school
What is a pinhole viewer and what do you see when you look through it?
You can make a simple pinhole viewer that lets you see the images carried by light shining through a pinhole.
Difficulty: Elementary school
What is a stereoscope and how can it be used to take 3-dimensional pictures?
The stereoscope is a simple optical instrument which allows us to see in relief drawings and photographs. For us, to see in three dimensions a solid body, is a fact so natural that we do not even take it into account. Also it is normal to see "flat", that is to say lacking a third dimension; drawings or pictures. Did you ever ask yourself why this occurs? The phenomena is so natural and obvious th
Difficulty: High school
What is high-magnification stereoscopy?
Our eyesight normally allows us to see things in three dimensions: width, height and depth. This is known as stereoscopic vision or commonly as 3D. The ability to perceive depth, volume and the distance between objects is important. When we look at a photo, television or a film we can only see things in only two dimensions. In the same way, high-powered microscopes lack any depth of field, so obje
Difficulty: High school
What is the extent of the loss of an audio signal being transmitted through an optic cable, when the cable is bent?
The purpose of this project is to find out the amount of loss in frequency and amplitude of an audio signal, if any, results when the audio signal is transmitted through a fiber optic cable at different degrees of bend diameter. I believe that the audio signal will lose frequency and amplitude when transmitted through fiber optic cable with a smaller degree of bend diameter.
Difficulty: High school
What is the speed of sound? How can we measure it?
You can measure the speed of sound the same way you measure the speed of a runner, with a stopwatch on a closed track.
Difficulty: High school
What makes light white?
Students will learn the concept of primary colors of light. When the primary colors of light are all combined together they make white light. Primary colors of light are different than primary colors of pigments.
Difficulty: Elementary school
What spectacle lens material best absorbs UV light?
The purpose of this experiment was to determine what spectacle lens material and/or tints and coatings best absorbs ultraviolet (UV) light.
Difficulty: Middle school
Young's experiment and the dual nature of light
Light has a dual nature: it has the characteristics of both waveforms and particles. This science project was conducted in order to help us better understand the dual nature of light. This paper explains the double split experiment which is also known as Young's experiment, and how the experiment demonstrates the waveform nature of light.
Difficulty: High school
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