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Laser and color filter
This experiment was conducted to determine if the intensity of a laser beam emitted by a laser pointer can be reduced by using colored glass filters. The experiment was done using red, green and blue laser pointers together with red, green and blue colored glass filters.
Difficulty: High school
Measuring static electricity
This experiment was performed to investigate the amount of static electricity in various materials. The experiment was done on hair, polyester, carpet, cotton, nylon and a ceramic tile, using a rubber balloon.
Difficulty: Middle school
Osmosis in eggs
This science project was done to find out if water will move through a semi permeable membrane to a solution of higher concentration. The science project experiment was carried out using several eggs immersed in distilled water and salt water.
Difficulty: High school
Shirt color and protection from UV
We know that wearing dark colored clothing on a hot sunny day makes us feel warmer - this explains why light/pastel colors are popular choices for summer clothing. Does this however mean, that light colored clothing is more effective at blocking/preventing ultra violet radiation from reaching our skin? This science fair project was conducted to ascertain the effectiveness of different colored
Difficulty: High school
The effect of water salinity on electrolysis
This experiment was done to investigate how the salinity of water affects the electrolysis process. Comparison was made between ocean water and distilled water.
Difficulty: High school
The effects of ultra violet light on perception
Much of the universe is undetectable to our five senses, and one of these "phantom phenomena" is light. Our eyes are only able to detect a small segment of the total light spectrum that is produced by the sun. Ultraviolet light is one of many parts of the light spectrum that eludes us. In this science project, you will develop a presentation to show what flowers looks like under ultra violet light
The relativity of time: How does time pass for you?
Einstein theorized that time is relative, that time and space is not separate but part of a continuum. Though Einstein?s theories of time may not be experienced by us on a daily basis, we are able to experience variations in how we process time with our minds. Most of us have experienced on a personal level how "time flies you are having fun", or how time seems to drag when we are bored or waiting
The Singing Glass
Did you know that sound is produced by vibrations? Have you ever hit a drum? When you strike a drum, you will cause the drum skin to vibrate very quickly. This "pushes" the air around the drum, producing sound that reaches our ears. Can you think of other things that produce sound? Today, we are going to make our own music with water and a glass. At first glance this doesn't seem possible. How can
Viscosity of sweetened water
This science fair project was conducted to determine how viscosity of water increases when sugar is added. The tests were done by adding and mixing 20grams, 40grams, 60grams, 80grams and 100grams of sugar to a cup of water.
Difficulty: High school
What are some of the properties of air?
The students will demonstrate the ability to investigate what air is like and where it is found. The children will sense that air is real by capturing it, squeezing it, carrying it, and feeling its weight.
Difficulty: Elementary school
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