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The hypothesis is proven to be true.

The paintwork on the metal sheets without the polymer coating began to corrode sooner than those which had coating. Use of polymer sealants on car surfaces do not prevent rust from occurring but only delays the process of corrosion. The protective coating acts as a first line of defense against corrosion-inducing chemicals, by allowing the protective coating to be damaged first before the corrosion is able to reach the surface of the paint.

The protective coating industry for automobile and shipping is very big business. A lot of money is spent in research and development to create new and improved products that provide much better protection under different environments

Also consider

What would happen if the experiment was performed using other brands of paint.

What if other metals such as zinc or aluminium were used?

How will different types of protective coatings, such as wax affect the results?

What if the metal sheets were exposed to intense ultra violet rays? Or what would be the effect of increasing the room temperature?


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