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The hypothesis that the colors red and yellow will cause a person's blood pressure to rise, is proven to be true. The calmer colors of blue and green, and the neutral colors of white and black did not show any significant effect on blood pressure.

The color of the environment that we live in might have a significant effect on our moods and health. This field of study may also be useful in the advertising industry, where colors are used to create specific moods.

Also consider

The experiment can also be performed using different colored light bulbs to light up the room and to check blood pressure.

Another alternative, would be to check the pulse rate instead of blood pressure.


  • Relationship between Color and Emotion: A study of College Students - Nazi Kayak, Helen H. Epps: College Student Journal, Vol. 38, 2004
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2 hours to prepare, 1 day for observation
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Easily found
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