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Body grounding and sleep
This science fair project was performed to investigate the benefits of sleeping with the body connected to the ground (body grounding). The experiment involved comparing a participant's stress and pain levels before and after sleeping on a grounded mat.
Difficulty: High school
Body temperature and thermometers
This science fair project was performed to compare the readings of various types of thermometers. The measurements were done using a mercury glass thermometer, a digital thermocouple thermometer and an infrared thermometer.
Difficulty: Middle school
Comparing Resting and Exercising Blood Pressure of 7th Grade Students
The purpose of this experiment was to determine the difference between exercising and the resting blood pressures of young teenagers. The information gained from this experiment could be helpful to coaches, doctors or medical employees to better identify the effect that exercise has on a young teenager’s blood pressure.
Difficulty: Middle school
Comparing the Performance of Human Body Fat Measurement Devices
The purpose of this experiment was to compare the performance of body fat devices on humans. The information gained from this experiment will help athletic trainers, nutritionists, etc. to determine the legitimacy of these devices.
Difficulty: Middle school
Comparing Two Types of Music on the Naptime Resting Behavior of Sleeping Childcare Children
The purpose of this experiment was to determine which type of music decreases the restless naptime behavior of childcare children more, classical music or soft rock. The information gained from this experiment will help parents and childcares around the world get their children to rest better during the day.
Difficulty: Elementary school
Comparing vertical and horizontal mattress sutures
This experiment was conducted to compare the strength of different mattress suturing techniques used to stitch open wounds.
Difficulty: High school
Cramming and restful sleep
Anyone who has ever been a student most likely has experienced cramming for an exam or staying up late to complete a paper. For some students, this is their normal method of study, some claiming that they do better when they wait until the last minute. Does waiting to the last minute to do an assignment really work best? In this experiment you will track students' grades under both conditions: res
Dissolving tablets more quickly
This science fair project was performed to find out what conditions will make tablets dissolve faster. The experiment involved using Alka-Seltzer antacid tablets, water and hydrochloric acid at different temperatures.
Difficulty: Middle school
Do canines or humans have more bacteria in their mouths?
We test the hypothesis that canines will have more bacteria in their mouths for several reasons such as the way they take a bath, what they eat, and lack of brushing their teeth.
Difficulty: Elementary school
Does Antibacterial Hand Soap Kill More Bacteria Than Non-Antibacterial Hand Soap?
The purpose of this experiment was to determine if antibacterial hand soaps are more effective at killing bacteria than non-antibacterial hand soaps. The information gained from this experiment would help large institutions such as hospitals, schools, and homemakers, if there is no difference people will want to know this so they don’t spend extra money or time on getting antibacterial hand soa
Difficulty: Middle school
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