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How hand-Eye coordination is influenced by ageFeatured science projectScience project video


This experiment was performed to find out how hand-eye coordination improves as we grow older.


Older children will have better hand-eye coordination then younger children.

Scientific Terms

Nerves, muscles, hand-eye coordination


Why is hand-eye coordination important?

Hand-eye coordination is important as it helps us in most of our daily activities, from making coffee towriting, driving, sports activities and even playing computer games. The information seen by the eye is sent to the brain which will then process this information and send signals through our nerves to the muscles in our hand, to respond accordingly.
Therefore hand-eye coordination is very important. Without it we will not be able to avert danger, build homes, harvest food and acquire other skills.

Hand eye coordination in children

Hand-eye coordination starts to develop in children from infancy through their middle childhood.

  • 3 months - the connection between the hand and eye is made and the child recognizes his/her hand
  • 6 months - the child starts to reach out and play with toys
  • 18 months - starts to learn simple tasks like using a fork and spoon to feed him/herself
  • 4 years - the child learns simple skills like writing and buttoning shirts
  • 9 years - the child hand-eye coordination is fully developed. From here onwards, it is the individual ability and aptitude of the child that will affect the child's development
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1 hour to prepare, 1 hour for experiment
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