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A comparison of response time across genders - the "Ruler drop test"
This experiment was performed to compare the response time of boys and girls. The "ruler-drop" test was used.
Difficulty: Elementary school
Are You Fit? Testing Lung Capacity
Do you think you're in good shape? Being healthy and fit is very important. One way to find out how fit you are is to test your lung capacity. This is a measurement of just how much air your lungs hold. The more air your lungs can hold, the more oxygen your lungs can distribute to your body during exercise. With a few simple materials, a 2 liter bottle, plastic tubing, masking tape and water, you
Blue light and its Effects on the human Brain
Visible light has been proven to have a direct effect on both our physical health and emotional well-being; however, recent studies are discovering how specific light spectrums affect us. In this science fair project, you will test how blue light affects the emotional well-being of participants.
Caffeine and Alertness
This experiment was conducted to find out how drinking caffeinated coffee will affect the alertness of an individual. The level of alertness of the test subjects will be measured by the number of balloons burst by throwing darts.
Difficulty: Elementary school
Can you determine the sex of a person by just looking at his/her feet?
There are numbers of differences between the male and female foot. For example, the male's foot has much more square shape that that of a female. The female foot is broader across the toes than a male's. Also, a female's foot has a narrower heel than a male's. Females are usually at higher risk for feet problems than males. This is because females wear high heels often. This puts all the wait
Difficulty: Elementary school
Can You Taste With a Plugged Nose? How Smell Affects Taste
Have you ever had a cold and your nose was so stuffy that you food just didn't taste the same? Your sense of smell and your sense of taste are closely related. In this science project, you'll investigate how the two senses work together to help you taste different flavors. Three other volunteer "tasters" will sample various baby foods, fruits, vegetables and meat, while blind folded with their nos
Cold water and your voice
This science fair project was conducted to find out how drinking cold water will affect the ability of a person to sing. The tests were done by comparing the high notes a person can reach before and after drinking cold water.
Difficulty: Elementary school
Do boys and girls have different resting pulse rates?
The purpose of this experiment was to determine if gender in seventh graders affects resting pulse rate.
Difficulty: Elementary school
Do burning wood stoves induce or contribute to respiratory illnesses?
I predict that wood stove users catch respiratory illnesses easier that gas heat or heat pump users. My curiosity in how respiratory illnesses are developed and what helps them get started inspired me to do this project. By doing this project, I hope to help respiratory illnesses sufferers resolve their chronic illnesses.
Difficulty: Elementary school
Do different types of sunblock have different protection strengths?
I wanted to know if SPF matters when you buy sun block. For example, does a CVS brand 30 sunblock work better than a CVS brand 15 sunblock? I also wanted to know if higher priced sunblock works better than lower priced sunblock of the same SPF? My hypothesis was that the higher the SPF the better it would protect and that higher priced sun block would work better than lower priced.
Difficulty: Elementary school
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