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How hand-Eye coordination is influenced by ageFeatured science projectScience project video
This experiment was performed to find out how hand-eye coordination improves as we grow older.
Difficulty: Elementary school
Do singers have a larger lung capacity than non-singers?Featured science projectScience project video
This experiment was done to find out if the members of a choir group have a bigger lung capacity than non-singers of the same age group.
Difficulty: Middle school
Cold water and your voiceFeatured science projectScience project video
This science fair project was conducted to find out how drinking cold water will affect the ability of a person to sing. The tests were done by comparing the high notes a person can reach before and after drinking cold water.
Difficulty: Elementary school
Effect of carbonated drinks on the erosion of tooth enamelFeatured science projectScience project video
This science fair project was performed to find out if carbonated soft drinks can really cause the erosion of tooth enamel. Testing was done by immersing teeth in Coke, Sprite and root beer for a few days
Difficulty: Elementary school
Our ability to identify natural and synthetic scents Featured science projectScience project video
This science fair project was conducted to determine if a person can differentiate between a natural scent and a synthetic scent. The experiment was done with the use of various scents, i.e. rose, banana, orange, lemon, lavender, apple, cinnamon, jasmine, vanilla and strawberry scents
Difficulty: Middle school
Left-handednessFeatured science projectScience project video
This survey was conducted to find out typically how many persons in the same age group will be left-handers.
Difficulty: Elementary school
Gender differences and olfactory perceptionFeatured science projectScience project video
Who has a better sense of smell, males or females? Though there have been studies attempting to answer this question, findings have not been conclusive. This science fair project involves testing blindfolded participants of both genders for their ability to identify the scents of various food items, rate the intensity of the smell and its favorability.
Gender differences and lung capacityFeatured science projectScience project video
During the breathing cycle, air is inhaled, distributed throughout the lungs, and then exhaled. Lung volume includes a group of measures that quantify the amount of air that is inhaled or exhaled during both normal breathing and forceful breathing. In this experiment, you will be working with two of these measurements: Tidal Volume (TV): volume of air inhaled or exhaled during under normal breathi
Are You Fit? Testing Lung CapacityFeatured science projectScience project video
Do you think you're in good shape? Being healthy and fit is very important. One way to find out how fit you are is to test your lung capacity. This is a measurement of just how much air your lungs hold. The more air your lungs can hold, the more oxygen your lungs can distribute to your body during exercise. With a few simple materials, a 2 liter bottle, plastic tubing, masking tape and water, you
Can You Taste With a Plugged Nose? How Smell Affects TasteFeatured science projectScience project video
Have you ever had a cold and your nose was so stuffy that you food just didn't taste the same? Your sense of smell and your sense of taste are closely related. In this science project, you'll investigate how the two senses work together to help you taste different flavors. Three other volunteer "tasters" will sample various baby foods, fruits, vegetables and meat, while blind folded with their nos
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