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Project title Aquatic plants and animals and the acidification of our oceansFeatured science projectScience project video
Difficulty Level Middle school
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This experiment was performed to ascertain the effect of aquatic plants on the acidity levels of our oceans. Carbon dioxide levels in our atmosphere have been on the rise mainly due to the burning of fossil fuel and deforestation. The results of this experiment will ascertain whether aquatic plants help to reduce the acidification of our oceans, via the process of photosynthesis. 

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*For this experiment, the independent variable is the concentration of the carbon dioxide, which is consumed by the aquatic plants. The dependent variable is the level of acidity in the water. This is measured using a pH paper. The constants (control variables) are the type of water used (i.e. tap water, sea water etc), the amount of water and the number of fishes. *Expose all 3 fish tanks to bright sunlight as the plants require this to photosynthesize *The 3 fish tanks are filled with 1 liter of water each. The starting pH level of the water in the .....
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