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The hypothesis that increasing the amount of aquatic plants in the aquarium will reduce the acidity and increase the pH level of the water is proven to be true. The aquatic plants use carbon dioxide in the water for photosynthesis and therefore reduce the acidity of the water.

The increase in carbon dioxide lowers the pH level and thus, increases the acidity of the water. However, the process of photosynthesis by aquatic plants is able to counter this effect by reducing the carbon dioxide level. Photosynthesis also produces surplus oxygen for aquatic animals to respirate.

This process ultimately helps to keep in check the acidification of our oceans, caused by human activities. However, we should do our part to ensure that aquatic plant life is protected as this would be for our own good.

Also consider

The experiment can also be repeated without the fish. Try to add some corals into the water.

Try to perform this experiment at night in the dark when the aquatic plants cannot perform photosynthesis. How does this affect the carbon dioxide content in the water?


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1 hour to prepare, 8 hours for experiment
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Easily found
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