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The hypothesis that watering a mung bean plant with organic fertilizer will help it grow faster is proven to be true. The organic fertilizer contains nutrients required by the plant and the soil. By increasing the concentration of nutrients in the soil, the roots of the plant are able to absorb these nutrients more quickly and this speeds up growth, which will result in faster production of stems and leaves.

Chemical pesticides and fertilizers can be more effective then organic fertilizers. However these chemical pesticides and fertilizers are toxic and dangerous to both poeple and animals. When it rains these harmful chemicals drain into rivers or seep into the water table underground. Some of this water ends up in our reservoirs- the source of our drinking water!

Another problem with chemical fertilizers is that the presence of these toxic chemicals in ponds and rivers has been known to cause birth deformities in animals which are dependent on these water resources. With an increasing awareness of the harmful effects of chemical fertilizers, the use of organic fertilizers should be encouraged among consumers.

Also consider

What would happen if the experiment was repeated using different types of soil like sand, clay etc?

The experiment can be repeated to compare the use of organic fertilizers and chemical fertilizers.


A great alternative to chemical fertilizers ?Hasta Gro organic food plant -

Plant growth and development -

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