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Is there a relationship between a person's height and the length of his or her stride?Featured science projectScience project video


The materials required for this experiment:

- A straight sidewalk about 10 meters long
- A straight wall
- A pail of water
- 4 boys and 4 girls age 10 years old
- 4 boys and 4 girls age 14 years old
- 4 boys and 4 girls age 18 years old
- 1 measuring tape (at least 10 meters long)


1. For this experiment, the independent variable is the age and gender of the participants. The dependent variable is the stride distance of the participants. The stride distance is taken by measuring the distance for 10 strides with the measurement tape and dividing by 10. The constant (control variable) is the condition of the sidewalk.

2. The 24 participants are divided into by gender and their age group (10 years, 14 years and 18 years old). All the participants are made to stand against the straight wall and their heights  measured one by one. All their heights are recorded in the table below

3. A puddle of water is created using the water in the pail at the beginning of the sidewalk.

4. The 1st group of participants is called out. One by one they are made to walk over the puddle of water and continue walking for another 10 strides. As they walk over the puddle of water, their footprints should appear on the floor of the side walk.

5. Using the measurement tape, measure the distance for 10 strides. The distance for 1 stride can be obtained by dividing by 10. All the distances measured are then recorded in the table below.

6. Repeat steps  4 and 5 of the procedure for each of the other 5 groups of participants, and record the measurements in the table given below.

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Complexity level:
Project cost ($):
Time required:
1 hour to prepare, 1 day for the experiment
Material availability:
Easily found
Safety concerns:

Be careful not to slip and fall when walking on slippery surfaces