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Is the size of a tornado affected by water temperature?Featured science projectScience project video


The hypothesis is not accepted because as the water temperature is increased, the diameter of the core of the tornado does not increase accordingly. The diameter was largest when the water was about30 degrees Celsius.

The destruction left in the wake of a hurricane is very large – homes are destroyed and lives may be lost. Hence, it is important to know how tornadoes are formed in order to predict the formation of a tornado and warn the public about an upcoming attack. Though difficult to understand, years of thorough research and experiments have let us to understanding more of the science behind the formation of tornadoes.

Also consider

What would happen if more temperatures were used in this experiment? Can you find the peak when the diameter would be at its largest?

What difference would you observe if the size of the chamber was increased/ decreased?

Would a change in the gap size affect the tornado formation? Why?


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Complexity level:
Project cost ($):
Time required:
3 to 4 hours for preparation and observation
Material availability:
Materials should be obtainable from nearby departmental stores
Safety concerns:

Students should take precautionary steps by wearing protective gears such as mask and gloves at all times. Adult supervision is required as students are handling sharp objects such as the saw. Be careful when handling the dry ice.