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The effect of different Electrodes and Electrolytes on voltage Featured science projectScience project video


The results obtained from the experiment suggest that the hypothesis should be rejected. According to this experiment, lead-copper cell produces the greatest amount of electricity.
This experiment provides information about which type of material is most suitable as to be used as electrodes in batteries. However, companies should take into consideration for problems such as cost-effectiveness, material availability, safety and environmental effect before mass producing a certain product.

Also consider

What would happen if more electrolyte solution was added?

Would increasing the temperature of the solution affect the voltage produced?

What steps should you take to minimize errors in your experiment?

What other materials can you use for the electrolytes and electrodes?


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Complexity level:
Project cost ($):
Time required:
1 hour to prepare, 10 minutes for observation.
Material availability:
All materials mentioned should be available from your school chemistry laboratory.
Safety concerns:

Students should be careful as they are dealing with electricity and chemical reactions in this experiment. Adult supervision required at all times.