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Project title How do different cooking alternatives affect the Vitamin C content in vegetables?Featured science projectScience project video
Difficulty Level Middle school
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This experiment is conducted to find out how different cooking methods affect the vitamin C content in vegetables. Vitamin C is an essential mineral to the human body and vegetables are the main source of it in our diet. In order to preserve the Vitamin C concentration in the vegetable, the vegetables have to be cooked in the best way possible. Hypothesis: Vitamin C content would be lower for carrots cooked by boiling than if it were to be cooked by steaming. In addition, the longer period of time the vegetable is boiled, the lower the vitamin C content.  

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1. Wash and prepare the carrots for cooking. 2. Cut the carrots into 3cm cubes. 3. Rinse the chopped carrots in cold water thoroughly. 4. Pour 1 liter of water into the stainless steel pot, add 100 cubes of carrots into the pot of water. 5. Turn on the stove to boil the pot of carrots. Start the stopwatch once you turn on the stove. 6. Take out 30 cubes of carrots after the first 15 minutes. Leave the rest to cook in the pot. Cool the 30 cubes of carrots in the colander for 10 minutes. Seal this .....
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