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A comparison of response time across genders - the "Ruler drop test"Science project video


The hypothesis holds true: the boys had a shorter response time than the girls.

Hand-eye coordination is very important for human survival. It enables humans to respond quickly to danger. People are able to know when they are possibly in danger through their auditory sense - for example, when they hear an approaching vehicle sounding its horn or when they hear an explosion. Danger can be perceived visually too: for example, people know when an object is hurled at them.

Also consider

Engage participants who are more senior .

Have the  participants use their non-dominant hand (i.e. get right handers to use their left hand and vice versa for left handers) and observe any difference in results.


How fast are you? -

Hand Eye coordination - Http://

Hand-eye coordination, Encyclopedia of Psychology, Apr 06, 2001

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