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The hypothesis holds true: areas that have a high level of activity such as like the market, the bus station and the hospital had a higher pollution level than areas that have a low level of activity.

It is important that everyone works to reduce the level of air pollution in the city. Instead of driving, take public transport. Cars release carbon monoxide, nitrogen oxides and dust particles into the air. When we use public transport or car pool, we cut down on the release of these emissions. We should also use environment-friendly products.

Also consider

Conduct the experiment in other locations. For example, by a highway, at a construction site or at a factory.

Place more collection boards at the same locations.

Also, is there a difference in the quality of air in the vicinity of a suburban home versus one within the city center? What if  the home in the city center is near a park, or the wharf?


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It will take an hour to set up the experiment, and 3 days to conduct it.
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The materials required can be purchased at a supermarket or bookstore
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