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The materials required for this science fair project are as follows:

-    5 singers from a school or church choir, or band
-    1 keyboard, piano or organ
-    a keyboardist
-    5 drinking glasses
-    1 bottle of lukewarm drinking water
-    1 bottle of ice cold drinking water


1.    For this experiment, the independent variable is the temperature of the water. The dependent variable is the highest note that the 5 singers are able to hit. This is determined by using the keyboard organ with the help of the musician. The constants (control variables) are the amount of water the singers drink, the length of the rest period between drinking the water and singing, and the notes played on the keyboard.

2.    The 5 singers are asked to drink a glass of lukewarm water and to then rest for 15 minutes.

3.    The musician sets up the keyboard. After 15 minutes, the first singer is to go through the vocal test.

4.    The musician leads the singer by playing on the keyboard, testing whether the singer is able to hit the same notes that are being played. Start with middle-C and keep going, note by note, octave by octave until the singer is unable to continue. Record the number of notes hit by the singer. Prior to the actual test, the participants should be allowed 2 minutes of warm-up practice time.

5.    Repeat procedure number 4 with the other 4 singers.

6.    The 5 singers are  then givena glass of ice-cold water to drink and then allowed to rest for 15 minutes. Repeat procedures number 4 and 5 with them.

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Complexity level:
Project cost ($):
Time required:
It will take an hour to prepare for this science fair project, and 2 hours to conduct it
Material availability:
A musical keyboard, piano or organ is required. The project cost does not include the price of the musical instrument
Safety concerns: