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This experiment was done to investigate the effect of music on an athlete’s performance. The experiment was done comparing the distance ran by 2 groups of participants on the treadmill. One group of participants was exposed to music while running on the treadmill. The other group of participants was not exposed to any music during their treadmill run.


An athlete who listens to music will be able to run faster and farther than one who doesn't listen to music whilst exercising.

Scientific Terms

Brain, subconscious


Effect of music on athletic performance

Music helps people in a variety of ways. Apart from being a form of entertainment, it is also a good motivational and relaxation tool. However, one of the most significant uses of music is in exercise. Music can help to make exercise more enjoyable and tolerable. It can also help to improve a person’s athletic performance.

Music helps athletes to be distracted from the pain and fatigue when they exercise and therefore it helps to perform better. When an athlete focuses on music, he becomes subconsciously distracted from the fatigue..

However, recent studies suggest that music serves as more than just a distraction. Music can help to affect the mood of an athlete. Listening to lively music for example, can psyche up an athlete and motivate him to increase the intensity of his training. Slow paced songs can help to relax an athlete before working out or competing.

Music also helps to synchronize the rhythm of body movements and can help our muscles in lthe earning of new motions/movement.

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