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This science project was performed to investigate the effect of mind over matter on an athlete’s performance. The experiment was done to see how pre-conditioning of the mind of an athlete can affect his performance.


The participants who were pre-conditioned mentally, that they would be able to run faster, will actually be able to finish the race in a shorter time.

Scientific Terms

Mind coaching. visualization, preconditioning


Mind over matter training

Being a good athlete requires good skills acquired by training as well as a good physique acquired genetically at birth. Training can help an athlete to achieve peak performance through physical fitness and it can also help to refine his techniques. But to further enhance performance, an athlete requires a mental edge.

A mind coach can help an athlete gain a mental edge by teaching him to calm his mind and to focus on the correct things that will ultimately help to improve the athlete's performance. The mind coach can also help an athlete to improve his confidence by guiding him to set proper and achievable goals.

The confidence of the athlete can be improved by setting the right goals. The goals that are developed must be realistic and achievable. Studying the past performance of the athlete can help in setting the right goals. As an athlete achieves his goals, the bar is gradually raised and newer and more challenging goals are developed. Gradually, an athlete’s performance and confidence is also raised.

Another method of improving the athlete’s performance is through visualization. Visualizing the completion of a task will help the athlete to develop a sense of self- believe that they can actually achieve the visualized goal.

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Complexity level:
Project cost ($):
Time required:
1 hour to prepare, 2 days for experiment
Material availability:
Easily available
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