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The importance of ammonia in the formation of salt crystalsFeatured science projectScience project video


We have proven correct, the hypothesis that when more ammonia is used, more salt crystals are formed.

Salt has been used for thousands of years for food flavoring and preservation. It is also a very important element for the survival of all living creatures including humans, as the presence of salt helps to regulate the amount of water in our bodies. However, consuming too much salt can also lead to health problems, such as hypertension.

Also consider

This science fair project can also be repeated using sugar to form the crystals

The experiment can also be repeated using seawater.


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Crystal growing -

Salt -

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Complexity level:
Project cost ($):
Time required:
1 hour for preparation, 10 days to conduct the science fair project
Material availability:
Easily found
Safety concerns:

Handle the ammonia carefully.