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The hypothesis that anxiety will cause short term memory of boys and girls to become poor has been proven to be true.

Stress and anxiety is something that everybody will experience at one time or another. A child may experience stress due to impending examinations or strict teachers. An adult could experience stress due to work or family expectations. People handle their stress differently based on their psychological and emotional condition. While such emotions cannot be fully avoided, they can be managed. Stress and anxiety can be relieved through yoga, meditation, exercise, aromatherapy or massage. Stress however, can serve as a powerful motivator, and to a certain extent, may in fact help improve a person's long term memory.


Also consider

The science fair project can also be done by comparing the effects of anxiety on the short-term memories of participants from different age groups.

The experiment may be modified by asking the participants to memorize a speech and speak on stage.

Ascertain whether stress helps improve long term memory.


Memory -

How stress affect your memory -

Coping with exam stress -,14772.asp


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1 hour for preparation, 2 days for experiment
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Easily found
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