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This science fair project was performed to find out if having breakfast every morning will help to improve the performance of students in school. The studentsí performance was tested by giving them memory tests and comparing the performance of those who had breakfast with those who had skipped breakfast.


Students who eat their breakfast in the morning will exhibit better memory retention.

Scientific Terms

Hyperactive, anxiety, depression


Breakfast and school performance

Many experts share the opinion that having breakfast every morning is beneficial to students’ performance in school. Children who eat a healthy breakfast every morning were found to have better concentration and learn better in class. They were also found to be more energetic as compared to students who did not have breakfast regularly.

According to a study by researchers from Harvard, students who ate a healthy breakfast in the morning showed improved results in Mathematics. These students became more attentive in the classroom and exhibited less behavioral and emotional problems. However, there was no significant change in their reading abilities. There was also significant improvement in the attendance and punctuality of the students.

The students who did not have breakfast every morning before school were found to be more hyperactive and showed more signs of anxiety and depression as compared to the students who had their breakfast daily.

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Complexity level:
Project cost ($):
Time required:
1 hour for preparation, 21 days for experiment
Material availability:
Easily found
Safety concerns: