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This science fair project was done to compare drawing skills of men and women. The test was done by having an art teacher evaluate the drawings of a group of randomly picked participants, both male and female.


Female participants are better at their drawing skills than male participants.

Scientific Terms

Visual representation, two dimensional images



Drawing is the visual representation of an object, a person or scenery as a two dimensional image. It is normally done on a piece of paper, canvas, board or leather. Instruments used to make drawings include pencils, charcoals, crayons,  paint and many other tools. Drawings are sometimes completed with water color paint, oil paint or shading.

There are many types and styles of drawing. Drawings can be in the form of a portrait, which is a hand drawn picture of a person. Portrait drawing originated as a means of preserving how a person looked, and served this purposes until the camera was invented. Cartoons and comics are also a popular form of drawing that are combined with humor to entertain readers.

Commercially, drawings are used for advertisements, packaging and other marketing purposes. Technical drawings are a necessary tool in many professions such as architecture and engineering. Scientists and engineers use drawings to illustrate and communicate certain processes or information that is sometimes difficult to grasp or understand if explained only in words.

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