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The hypothesis that male participants are more easily affected by peer pressure than the female participants, is correct.

Peer pressure affects the behavior and mindsets of both children and adults. , young children have a tendency to plead with their parents to buy toys for them which other children already have, so that they fit in with the rest of their playmates. Adults spend their saving on cars which they cannot afford in order to maintain their social status amongst peers. The degree of peer pressure faced by teenagers is nowadays more serious. Because of peer pressure, teenagers sometimes change the way they lookand dress, and pick up habits like smoking or join "gangs". Of all age groups, it is our youths who have a greater tendency to succumb to peer pressure and go against family and societal norms.

Also consider

Repeat the science fair project to compare the effects of peer pressure among different age groups.

Try to conduct a survey using questions on how some habits and behavior of the participants can be affected by peer persuasion.


Peer pressure -

Peer pressure -

Peer pressure -

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