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The materials required for the science fair project:

-    A 2 meter long gutter with a drain hole on one side
-    2 stools
-    2 bricks
-    A pail of water mixed with dried leaves
-     A pail of water mixed with grass
-    A pail of water mixed with soil
-    A pail of water mixed with plastic wrappers
-    A roll of wire mesh
-    A small bowl
-    A pair of scissors
-    An empty pail


1.    For this science fair project, the independent variables are the type of debris used (i.e. dried leaves, grass, soil and plastic wrappers) and the type of drain hole covers used i.e. flat or dome shaped. The dependent variable is if the drain hole cover will be clogged. This is determined by pouring a pail of water that has been mixed with debris into the gutter and observing whether clogging takes place. The constants (control variables) are the size (diameters) of the  drain hole covers, the amount of water mixed with debris and the size of the gutter.

2.    The wire mesh is cut into a shape and size slightly bigger than that of the drain hole. It is used as the flat gutter cover. A 2nd piece of wire mesh is cut and placed over a small bowl to form a dome shaped drain hole cover.

3.    The gutter is placed on the 2 stools. An empty pail is placed under the drain hole of the gutter. The opposite end of the gutter is raised by placing 2 bricks underneath it. This will ensure that water flows towards the side with the drain hole.

4.    The flat drain cover is placed over the drain hole and the pail of water with dried leaves is poured down the raised side of the gutter. It is observed  whether any clogging takes place in the drain hole and these observations are recorded in the table below.

5.    The drain cover is cleared of any debris and Procedure 4 is repeated using the pail containing water with grass, soil and plastic wrappers. Observations are recorded in the table below.

6.    Procedures 4 and 5 are repeated with the dome shaped drain cover and observations are recorded in the table below.

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Complexity level:
Project cost ($):
Time required:
1 day to prepare, 1 hour for experiment
Material availability:
May be obtained from a hardware store
Safety concerns: