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Soccer fields Science

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Difficulty: Intermediate 4
Cost ($): 20
Time required: < 3 days
1 hour to prepare, 1 day for science project experiment
Availability of materials: Readily available
Easily found. You can borrow a soccer ball from a friend, or purchase one at a sports store
Required Skills: None
Safety concerns:


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This science fair project was performed to determine how the turf of a soccer field will affect the bounciness of a soccer ball. The tests were done by bouncing soccer balls on fields of Kentucky bluegrass, Bermuda grass and on artificial turf.
Procedure preview:
1.    For this science fair project, the independent variable is the type of turf i.e. Kentucky bluegrass, Bermuda grass and artificial turf. The dependent variable is the bounciness of the soccer ball. This is determined by observing and counting the number of times the ball bounces off the turf.  The constants (control variables) are the height from which the ball is dropped, the type of ball and the moisture of the grass on the field. 2.    3 locations of fields of Kentucky bluegrass, Bermuda grass and artificial turf are selected. If necessary, other types of turf can be used. A .....