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How do magnetic fields affect the rate of flow of water?Featured science projectScience project video


The hypothesis that  salt solution has a lower flow rate than tap waterunder the influence of a magnetic field is proven to be true.

One of the demonstrations and possible applications of diamagnetism is in levitation. Diamagnetic materials can be levitated in a strong magnetic field when a state of equilibrium is achieved. The levitation of diamagnetic materials has been demonstrated in laboratories using pyrolytic graphite, water and even a livee frog.

Also consider

This science fair project can also be executed  using different types of fluids like distilled water, sugar solution, alcohol or vinegar.

Also consider repeating this experiment at different temperatures.

This  experiment can be performed  using multiple or permanent magnets of varying strengths.

What if the rate of flow of the solution were to be increased or decreased significantly? What do you think would happen?


Diamagnetism -

Magnetism through salt water -

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