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The materials required for this science fair project are:

-    5 amateur golf players
-    1 practice putting green
-    20 golf balls of the same brand and model
-    5 golf putters
-    1 beaker filled with water
-    1 pack of salt
-    1 marker pen
-    1 measuring tape


1.    The independent variable of this science fair project is the condition of the golf ball – golf balls  with a known balance point and those without. The dependent variable is the number of successful putts  taken. This is determined by counting the number of times the golf ball enters the hole. The constants (control variables) are the skill of each golfer, the distance of the putt from the hole and the condition of the green.

2.    Randomly separate the golf balls  into 2 groups of ten balls each. The first group of balls will be used as they are. Test the 2nd group of balls  to find out their balance points.
Fill the beaker  with water. Place one golf ball from the second group into the beaker. Add salt into the water in the beaker till the golf ball floats. Spin the golf ball in the water.

3.     Mark the exposed surface of the golf ball with a black dot when the golf ball has stopped spinning. The heavier half of the golf ball will be submerged in water whereas the lighter half of the golf ball will be exposed. Test the remaining 9 golf balls using the same described method.   Putt the golf balls into a hole 2 meters away.

4.     Each of the 5 golfers will execute 20 putts. Ten putts will be done using the unmarked golf balls in the first group while another 10 putts will be made using the marked golf balls from the second group. The putts using marked golf balls from the 2nd group are taken with  the marked dot facing upwards.

5.     Record the number of successful putts by each golfer in the table provided below.

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Complexity level:
Project cost ($):
Time required:
1 hour for preparation , 1 day for science fair project
Material availability:
Easily found at a sports store/golf pro-shop
Safety concerns:

Basic safety requirements