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The hypothesis that a balanced golf ball does not produce better putt results compared to an unbalanced golf ball is proven to be true.

Experts argue that one of the reasons why most putts are missed is because  more emphasis has always been given to improving the aerodynamics of the ball in order to increase its  flight distance and consistency compared to achieving better balance of the ball. However, this argument may not be valid, given the results of our experiment.

Also consider

The science fair project can be repeated by varying the brands or types of golf balls

Also, try varying the distance from which the golf balls are being shot. You might also consider repeating the experiment, this time using the Check-Go to find the balance point for each golf ball.

Ascertain if the manufacturers claims are indeed valid.


Golf ball seams and balance -

Golf ball balancing: soaking method -

The perfectly balanced ball -

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Complexity level:
Project cost ($):
Time required:
1 hour for preparation , 1 day for science fair project
Material availability:
Easily found at a sports store/golf pro-shop
Safety concerns:

Basic safety requirements