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The hypothesis that the repeated use of antibiotics  causes bacteria resistance  is proven to be true.

The use if antibiotics should be avoided unless necessary. Overuse of antibiotic causes the bacteria and other microbes to become resistant and causes the antibiotics to become ineffective. Newer and more stronger antibiotics need to be developed to combat the bacteria that have developed the resistance but these antibiotics will be more expensive and with unknown side effects.

Also consider

This science fair project can be repeated by varying the types of bacteria and antibiotics

The experiment can also be repeated by varying the temperature at which the bacteria are left to incubate.


Antibiotic resistance -

Antimicrobial resistance -

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Complexity level:
Project cost ($):
Time required:
1 day for preparation, 20 days for this science project experiment
Material availability:
Access to laboratory equipment (eg. petri dishes)
Safety concerns:

Always follow laboratory safety guidelines and always practice sterile technique when handling microbes. Never have any food or drink at your workstation and always thoroughly wash your hands with disinfectant soap or alcohol before leaving your workstation. Always dispose of used material in a biohazard bag. If none are available, the bacteria should be destroyed with bleach before being disposed of.