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The hypothesis that liquid enzymes will be the quickest enzyme to break down fat, oil and grease is incorrect.

Grease traps are normally installed in restaurants, hospitals, hotels and schools to prevent  fat, oil and grease discharge from reaching water treatment facilities and overwhelming  treatment systems. If their release is uncontrolled , they will accumulate and coat the walls of sewage pipes and eventually result in blockages, which are difficult to fix. It is therefore useful and important to know what sort of enzyme works most effectively and efficiently on FOG.

Also consider

Will the enzymes work more quickly at higher temperatures? Try using warm water and see if it makes a difference.

Does the hardness of the water have an effect on the rate at which these enzymes work?


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Complexity level:
Project cost ($):
Time required:
1 day to prepare, 10 days for observation
Material availability:
Enzymes may be purchased at a DIY store or some of the larger supermarkets.
Safety concerns:

Basic safety requirements