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The hypothesis that the Elodea plant will be able to remove oil from the water, is proven  to be incorrect.

Every year, millions of gallons of oil are discharged into the oceans due to accidents, careless handling and leaks. These incidents are causing very serious environmental problems that seriously threaten the survival of aquatic fishes and plants. When these oil spills wash to shore, they cause coastlines to become tarred and result in serious, permanent damage to the ecosystem. It is therefore crucial for us to discover ways of effectively cleaning up oil spills.

Also consider

The science fair project can also be repeated by using other plants like the Brassica Rapa to determine if the plant is effective in absorbing oil in water.

Try and repeat the experiment by using microorganisms or bacteria to remove oil from the water.


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The detrimental effects of oil spill on our environment -

Elodea -

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1 hour to prepare, 7 days for observation
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Easily found
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