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The hypothesis that ice in a container covered with aluminum foil will melt at a slower rate is proven to be correct.

There are many ways to prevent ice from melting during an outdoor trip or event. Apart from placing ice cubes in special ice barrels or insulated containers, they should also be kept in a cool and well- shaded area to prevent the containers from warming up. By keeping the ice away from hot food and other sources of heat radiation, the ice will also melt at a slower rate. Using larger ice cubes or ice blocks will also help to keep food and drinks chilled for a longer period of time.

Also consider

Try to repeat this science fair project using different colored containers.

Compare the rate of melting when ice is placed in containers insulated with styrofoam, bubble pack, and fabric. Which of these offers the best insulation? How about a vacuum flask?


How to prevent ice from melting -

Color matters -

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