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The hypothesis that a baseball batter will hit the ball further in an outdoor stadium than in an indoor stadium is disproved.

Baseball is a game that is meant to be played outdoors in the grass and dirt fields. However, in some parts of America, weather conditions do not allow people to play baseball for up to 6 months in a year. This gives rise to demand for indoor baseball stadiums to be built. Studies show that there are no significant differences in the performance of baseball players, regardless of stadium type - as long as there is adequate lighting. The first indoor stadium to be used in major league baseball was the Houston Astrodome, in 1965. The Astros called it home from 1965 to 1999.


Also consider

This science fair project can also be done by comparing the performance of batters at higher or lower altitudes. Studies show that at higher altitudes, baseballs travel at different speeds due to the lower air pressure. Also, what if the air temperature is higher? Does that affect how a baseball travels?


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