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The hypothesis that the javelin will travel the furthest when thrown at 45°is proven to be incorrect. Our results show that the optimal take-off angle is 35°.

Javelin throwing is a very old athletic event. It was mentioned as early as the 8th century,  in The Iliad, a literature piece written by Homer. Javelin throwing was also contested in the ancient Olympic games held in Greece. Currently, javelin throwing is one of the regular events contested in track and field events all over the world. In these events, participants use a 2.5 meter long javelin.

Also consider

The science fair project can also be repeated with a discus and shot putt.

Try to repeat the experiment on athletes of different heights.


Javelin throw - 

Technical considerations in teaching the javelin -

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Complexity level:
Project cost ($):
Time required:
1 hour to prepare, 1 day for this science project
Material availability:
Speak to your Physical Education teacher to arrange for the javelins and measuring tape to be borrowed for the purposes of this science project
Safety concerns:

Take care to stand at a clear distance away from the trajectory of the javelin during the javelin throws. Javelins should be thrown only by experienced athletes.  This experiment should be supervised by your physical education teacher.