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Materials required for this science fair project:

-    50 boys 15 years of age – 10 boys from 5 different schools
-    50 girls 15 years of age – 10 girls from 5 different schools
-    100 copies of a math exam paper
-    1 set of answers for the exam
-    1 examination hall for the 100 students


1.    The independent variable for this science fair project is the gender of the students sitting for the math exam. The dependent variable is the average scores of the students, which is determined by marking and grading the mathematics examination papers, and calculating the average scores of the students according to their school and gender. The constants (control variables) are the age of the students and the difficulty of the math paper.

2.    Choose five secondary co-ed schools for this experiment and ask their respective principals for permission to invite their best math students to participate in this study. Invite ten boys and ten girls from each school.

3.    Prepare 100 sets of mathematics examination papers, together with the model answers for marking and grading the papers.

4.    On the day of the exam, lead the 100 participants into the examination hall and instruct them to sit at their tables. Distribute the examination papers and give the students two hours to complete the paper. After two hours, collect the answer scripts.

5.    Create the answer script by comparing against the model answers. Calculate the average results of each gender from each school using the formulae below:

Average math results for boys = (Sum of results for 10 boys)/10

Average math results for girls = (Sum of results for 10 girls)/10

6.    Record the average results for each gender and school in the table given below.


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Complexity level:
Project cost ($):
Time required:
Preparation will take approximately one day, and observation and recording of data will require another day.
Material availability:
Easily found
Safety concerns:

Basic safety requirements