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The experimental data and analyzed results do not support the hypothesis that boys perform better than girls when solving mathematical problems.

Why are girls perceived to be weaker at math in some countries? It is believed to be a result of gender inequality that still exists in some countries, where girls are not given the same opportunity as boys  to attend school. However, in first world countries such as the USA and other European countries, where both genders are given equal schooling opportunities, female students have been observed to be as good as male students at math. As such, the gender gap in mathematical abilities is probably a result of nurture instead of nature.

Also consider

This science fair project may be repeated on students of different age groups.

Try to repeat the experiment by comparing the math "gender gap" among students from schools in the city vs schools located in rural areas/the country.


Are boys better than girls at math? -

Boys not better than girls at math – study finds -

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Preparation will take approximately one day, and observation and recording of data will require another day.
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Easily found
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Basic safety requirements