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Determining the effectiveness of sugar as preservatives for flowersFeatured science projectScience project video


The experimental results are in accordance with the hypothesis that fresh-cut flowers are able to last longer when placed in solutions of sugar of higher concentration - but only up to a certain optimum level.

Besides adding nutrition (eg. sugar/flower food) to the water, the flowers should be kept in a cool place away from fruits. The water should also be changed every two days to prevent bacteria buildup.

Also consider

What would happen if this science fair project were to be repeated using different additives in the water such as commercial plant food or aspirin?

The experiment can also be done using different types of flowers like sunflowers or daffodils?


How to keep flowers fresh with sugar -

How to preserve fresh flowers -

How to care of freshly cut flowers -

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Complexity level:
Project cost ($):
Time required:
Preparations of the experimental setup will take approximately one day, after which observations will be carried out over a period of ten days
Material availability:
Easily found at a florist
Safety concerns:

Basic safety requirements