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Examining the effect of watering on plant growthFeatured science projectScience project video


The experimental data and analyzed results support our hypothesis that the greater the amount of water, the faster the growth rate, but only up to a certain point. If too much water is given to the plants, their growth rate fell.

Research shows that too much water in the soil is detrimental to plant growth, as wet soil tends to cover a plant’s root with water and  therefore deprive it of oxygen. This cause the roots to rot will eventually lead to the death of the plant.

Also consider

What would happen if this science fair project was repeated using other species of plants such as corn and green peas?

The experiment can be repeated by placing the pots under a shade or directly outside under the sun.


How to water plants -

How to water a plant – how much water should I give my plant -

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Preparation will take approximately one day, while observation and recording of data will require ten days
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Easily found
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Basic safety requirements