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Examining the effect of acidity and alkalinity on bacteria growth inhibitionFeatured science projectScience project video


The experimental data and analyzed results support the hypothesis that higher concentrations of acidic and alkaline solutions will result in a larger inhibition zone. Acidic solutions were also proven to be more effective than alkaline solutions in eliminating bacteria, which is shown by the larger inhibition zone in the Petri dishes that were treated with acid.

Bacteria are single-celled organisms that can be found almost everywhere in the world. They are all around us, and some of them are even living inside our body. Although most bacteria are harmless, bacteria that are grouped under pathogens can be deadly, and will cause diseases such as tuberculosis, cholera, typhoid and leprosy.


Also consider

Try to repeat this science fair project using other types of acids such as sulfuric acid or alkali such as calcium carbonate.

The experiment can be repeated using other species of bacteria such as the Cocci, Spirilla or Vibro.


Bacteria -

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Complexity level:
Project cost ($):
Time required:
Preparation will require one day, while observation and recording of data will be carried out over a period of three days
Material availability:
Easily found
Safety concerns:

The bacteria should be destroyed with bleach before it is disposed of. Gloves and protective eyewear must be worn when handling the acid and alkali.