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This experiment was performed to find out how practising yoga might affect the blood pressure of a person. The experiment was done by comparing persons practising yoga for 1 week and persons watching television during the same period of time


Persons who have been practising yoga will have reduced blood pressure.

Scientific Terms

Blood pressure, hypertension, hypotension, systolic, diastolic, adrenaline


Yoga and hypertension

Blood flows in the human body with a certain amount of pressure. Lifestyle and eating habits can change the blood pressure levels in the body. Blood pressure in a person can also increase due to stress, anxiety, fear, worry and many other causes.
When the blood pressure of a person is too high, the person is said to have high blood pressure or hypertension. If the blood pressure is low, then the person will have hypotension.

The blood pressure of a person is normally measured at the arm. The blood pressure caused by the contraction of the heart is called systolic pressure and the pressure when the heart expands is called diastolic pressure. The systolic reading is normally higher then the diastolic and the systolic/diastolic readings for a healthy person is 120/80.
The practice of yoga consists of physical exercises, breathing exercises and meditation. The practice of yoga has been proven to have many health benefits. The person practising yoga is able to relax and calm the mind and this reduces the adrenaline levels and lowers the blood pressure.

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Complexity level:
Project cost ($):
Time required:
2 hour to prepare, 7 days for observation
Material availability:
You will need to either borrow or purchase a blood pressure monitor
Safety concerns: