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The hypothesis that persons who have been practising yoga will have reduced blood pressure is proven to be true.

The use of yoga to heal ailments has been in practice for centuries in India. Currently the culture of practising yoga has spread to the western world. Daily work and social pressures have caused many people to lead stressful lives leading to various health and mental problems. The practice of yoga   enables the mind and the body to reducee stress, maintain calmness and allow the body to recuperate naturally.

Also consider

The experiment can also be done using different age group or female participants.
Try to compare the blood pressure with other activities like listening to soft music, aroma therapy or practicing tai chi.


Yoga for blood pressure -

Effect of yoga on blood pressure -

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Complexity level:
Project cost ($):
Time required:
2 hour to prepare, 7 days for observation
Material availability:
You will need to either borrow or purchase a blood pressure monitor
Safety concerns: