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This science fair project was done to ascertain if people can really differentiate the taste of a beverage independent of its color. The science project experiment involved soda water and lime juice mixed with colored food dye.


Most people’s perception of taste will be based on the color of the beverage.

Scientific Terms

Perception, taste, mind


Color and taste

The color of a beverage or food will normally affect a person’s perception of how it will taste. When we look at the color of a drink, our mind will immediately recall our past experiences of how a drink of similar color had tasted. We will then expect the same or similar taste in the beverage that is placed in front of us.

Researchers have found that the color has more influence on how we think a drink or food will taste compared to the brand name or price. When science fair projects were done by giving participants 2 cups of the same juice, but one cup with an altered color, they were able to identify taste differences that really did not exist. When the same test was repeated using one cup with additional sugar added, they were not able to notice much difference in the taste.

Most of the time, our expectation of the taste is based on what we have consumed in the past, or perhaps what we have seen someone else consume, or due to the advertisements that we see on television and billboards. These experiences will gradually program our minds to discriminate and hold certain expectations.

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1 day to prepare, 1 hour for science fair project
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Easily found
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Basic safety requirements