Science Project Summary:

How the Bernoulli's principle works for different shapes

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Difficulty: Advanced 9
Cost ($): 20
Time required: < 1 day
It will take an hour to set up the experiment, and an hour to conduct it
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Basic safety requirements

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This experiment was performed to investigate how effective Bernoulli's principle is in lifting objects of different shapes.
Procedure preview:
1. For this science project, the independent variable is the shape of the objects used in this experiment. The dependent variable is the amount of air lifton the object. This can be ascertained by measuring the heights to which the objects are lifted, using a ruler. The constants (control variables) are the wind speed, the depth or width of the objects and the weight of the objects. 2. Cut 3 strips of cardboard to approximately 50mm x 150mm. Bend these strips to form the 3 shapes shown in figure 1 above. Use a roll of scotch tape to stick the .....