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This survey was conducted to find out typically how many persons in the same age group will be left-handers.


Left-handed persons will form less than 10% of the total number of persons surveyed, based on various sources of research/documentaries.

Scientific Terms

Hereditary, brain, nerves, left-handedness



A left-handed person tends to prefer to use of his left hand over the right hand to perform their daily chores. Left-handed persons constitute less than 10% of the population. Left-handedness is a hereditary trait. Normally a left-handed person is not alone in the family. Either one of the parents, an uncle or an aunt will also be left-handed.

Scientists believe that left-handed persons and right handed persons are “controlled” by different sides of the brain. The right handed person is supposed to be controlled by the left side of the brain and the left-handed person by the right side of the brain. This is because the nerves from the brain actually crossover to the other side of the body near the neck area.

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