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This survey was done to find out the relationship between the number of hours a student sleeps in a day and his performance at school, school attendance, extracurricular activities, non-school activities and overall health.


A ;Lack of sleep will have adverse effects on the performance of students.

Scientific Terms

Recuperate, psychological, physical, white blood cells


Effect of sleep deprivation

Adults and children require between seven and eight hours of sleep every night. However most studies and surveys conducted on high school students show that they only sleep about 6.5 hours a day.

Sleep allows the body to recuperate and grow. Dead cells are replaced, damaged neurons are repaired and the brain gets the rest that it requires. The tired body gets refreshed and energized whilst we sleep.

Adolescents typically require even more sleep due to the psychological and physical changes that their minds and bodies experiencing during this phase of their lives. Being deprived of sleep during one's adolescent years leads to mental, physical and social problems amongst these children.

Children deprived of sleep are observed to have a poorer memory, reduced alertness and are slower to respond. They also get irritated easily, lack concentration, socialize less and are unable to handle complex duties.

A lack of sleep also reduces the white blood cells in the body, causing the body’s immunity to be weakened and vulnerable to infection. This in turn leads to many health related problems.

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