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This science fair project was conducted to find out the corrosiveness of different types of metals. The science project experiment involved using copper, aluminum, iron and zinc plates.


Aluminum is the most resistant to corrosion.

Scientific Terms

Corrosion, oxidization



Corrosion is essentially the oxidization of metal that occurs when water and oxygen are present. It is also known as rust in the case of iron. The corrosion of metal happens when they are placed in an environment where they become chemically unstable.

Copper, gold, platinum and silver are among the few metals that can be found in nature in their purest form. Most other metals like iron are found in the form of ore and need to be processed in order to extract the metal. These metals are unstable at room temperature. Some metals will form a natural coating on their outer surface to slow down the process of corrosion.

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Complexity level:
Project cost ($):
Time required:
1 hour to prepare, 2 days for the science project experiment
Material availability:
For this science project, you will need metal sheets, and these will have to be cut into small squares at a workshop or in your laboratory.
Safety concerns:

Basic safety requirements