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This science fair project was done to compare the incidence/rate of ambidexterity among left handed persons.


There are more ambidextrous left-handers than right-handers.

Scientific Terms

Hereditary, brain, nerves, ambidexterity


Left Handedness and ambidexterity

Left handedness is a hereditary trait where a person prefers to perform normal chores using the left hand instead of the right hand. A left-handed person is normally not alone in a family. Normally a sibling, parent or cousin will also be left-handed. This means that the left-handed trait is hereditary. Less than 10% of the population is left handed.

It is believed by scientists that left-handed and right-handed persons use different sides of their brain to control their actions. The nerves that come originate from the brain will cross sides near the region of the neck. This means that a right is more inclined to use the left side of the brain and a left-handed person is more inclined to use the right side of the brain.

Ambidexterity is a rare condition where a person is able to perform a given task equally well by using both hands. Although very few people are actually born ambidextrous, it is a trait that can also be learned by practice. It is believed that most ambidextrous persons are left-handed because although they are naturally left-handed, schools or families discourage the use of the left hand and force them to learn to use the right hand.

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